Dr. Rachel Green

A teacher, author, and performer, Rachel Green strives to help harpists share the joy of music with their friends, families, and communities. Holding a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Arizona, Rachel has studied pedagogy with pianists Stephen Pierce and Lisa Zdechlik and harpists Kathy Moore and Carrol McLaughlin. After serving as Assistant Professor of Harp at the University of Arizona, Rachel set out to find new ways to help harpists learn and perform better. Her groundbreaking teaching method, Play with Me, is published by her company, Happystring Music. Rachel also publishes new high-quality editions of standard harp repertoire as well as compositions of contemporary teachers.

Dr. Chen-Yu Huang

Chen-Yu Huang was born and raised in Taiwan. She holds a degree in piano performance from National Taiwan University as well as a masters and doctoral degree in harp performance from the University of Illinois. Aside from performing solo, she enjoys playing with friends and is the harpist of the Jubilee Duo, the Formosa trio, and the Accorda Trio. Chen-Yu is an enthusiastic teacher and passionate about expanding the harp repertoire. More of her info can be found at chenyuhuang.com.

Tiia Purhonen

Tiia Purhonen is from Finland and teaches at the Music Institute of Nurmijärvi. During her Masters degree, she specialized in early music (including a specialization in baroque harp). For her Thesis, Tiia created the first Finnish harp primer: The Harp ABC, or in Finnish, Harppuaapinen.

Tiia is also a professional graphic designer, often using graphic design skills in her music publications. Tiia loves to teach students of all ages, taking different ways of learning into account and using methods such as colored music notation and other playful techniques with the younger students. She loves writing and arranging music for her harp students.

Paula Smith

Paula Smith, MM, MSEd, is a professional harpist with an extensive performance and teaching background, including fifteen years as instructor of harp at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Paula is also a school psychologist/psychotherapist who uses her expertise in both fields to oversee the integration of harp and music therapy in both research and clinical work in academic, therapeutic, and community settings.

Dr. Kimberly Taylor

Dr. Kimberly Taylor is a harpist and composer who resides in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon.  She holds a doctorate in Music from the University of Arizona, where she also received her undergraduate and master's degrees.  Kimberly has composed music since a young age and she is dedicated to creating new and wonderful music for the harp at all levels and in all settings.  A self made Renaissance woman, Kimberly believes that art, music, and poetry should be shared daily and in abundance as part of what makes us all human.  Kimberly teaches harp at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon.