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Taiwanese Folk Songs

Taiwanese Folk Songs

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A Grasshopper Teasing a Rooster is a popular children's song in Taiwan. The song depicts a grasshopper boasting about his strong arms and strength, teasing a nearby rooster. In the end, the rooster easily picks up the grasshopper with his beak and ends its short life. "A grasshopper teasing a rooster" is also used as a slang meaning someone overestimates his/hers strength.

Longing for the Spring Breeze is one of the most popular pop songs in Taiwan, written by composer Tēng Ú-hiân. This song was sung from the perspective of a young lady who longs for love. In Chinese literature, "spring breeze" often symbolizes love.

The Cloudy Sky combines melodies of two folk songs about the rapid rain in Taiwan. The rain comes quickly and heavily, and stops suddenly.

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  • 👤 Dr. Chen-Yu Huang
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